Develop your skills

The Clarence City Band offers a four-stage Development Program that uses the Tradition of Excellence books to teach music theory, music history, ear training, listening, and composition through a performance-based approach.

The program is designed to allow you to move to more advanced bands when you are ready to do so. The end goal for many is to be able to play with the most advanced ensemble, the Clarence City Concert Band.

Beginner Band
The Beginner Band is the first step in the Development Program. It commences in March each year with a weekend workshop in March, followed by weekly two-hour rehearsals. Find out more about the Beginner Band here.

Level 2 Band
Level 2 comprises people from the previous year’s Beginner Band as well as new members who have acquired basic instrumental skills in another situation.

Level 3 Band
Level 3 comprises people from the previous year’s Level 2 Band. It is the last year of structured learning using the Standard of Excellence books. After completing this year, band members progress to the Transition Band to continue to develop their skills.

Transition Band
The Transition Band is the final stage of the Development Program. Its prime purpose is to help players develop sufficient skills to be able to join one of Clarence City Band’s performance ensembles.

Join the Development Program
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