Band uniform

The Clarence City Band uniform consists of

  • a red shirt* embroidered with the band logo,
  • black trousers or skirt, and
  • black shoes with black socks or tights.

*Note: If you are a younger member of the band (and the adult shirts are too big) or a member of the Development Program, you may choose to wear a polo top instead of a shirt.

For outdoor performances, you may wear

  • a black suede hat, and/or
  • a black jacket (these are loaned to members).

Order your band shirt or hat
For trying and buying, we have a selection of shirts on hand, in most sizes. We also occasionally have second hand shirts, sold at a reduced price.

If you know your size, our administration officer can arrange for a shirt to be left at the band rooms for you. If not, they can come to your ensemble and assist with sizing.

Item required(required)

How to pay
It is preferred that payment is made by direct bank deposit to the Band’s bank account, however, cash or cheque is also accepted.

To make a direct deposit into the Band’s bank account:

Account name: Clarence City Band
BSB: 807 009
Account number: 1216 8524
Description: Your name (eg. J Bloggs) and payment type (e.g. uniform)

To pay by cash or cheque, put it in a sealed envelope with your name, date, payment type and amount written on the outside, and give it to the administration officer or your ensemble leader.

Prices are current as at 1 January 2021.