Music Directors

The Clarence City Band is fortunate to have two dedicated and passionate Music Directors, Andrew MacLean and Tom Goninon. Andrew is the Music Director for the performance ensembles and Tom is the Music Director for the Development Program. Andrew and Tom are supported by a number of ensemble leaders.

Andrew MacLean, B.Ed (Music)

Andrew MacLean, Music Director for the Performance Program

I have been involved in community banding since the late 1960s. I started as beginner on cornet with the Skellerup Woolston Auxiliary Band and have played in Concert Bands, Big Bands, and Brass Bands in New Zealand, Great Britain, USA, and Australia. My first instrument is bass trombone and I also play other brass, reeds, flute, and percussion.

I first conducted a community band in Waipukurau in New Zealand at the age of 14. Since that time I have conducted Brass Bands, Concert Bands, Choirs and Orchestras in USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

My conducting experience includes: Deputy Musical Director Brisbane Excelsior Band, Musical Director Beenleigh Band, Musical Director of Mackay State High Big Band, Musical Director Mackay Choral Society, Musical Director Mackay City Band, Assistant Conductor Fulham Brass Band (London), Guest Conductor Dallas Wind Band, and leadership of the 4RO Big Band.

Over the last 40 years I’ve had the privilege of working with, and learning from fabulous conductors and educators including Ola Rudner, Kevin Power, Eric Ball, Dr Nancy Weir, Norman Goffin, Patrick Pickett, and Richard Gill.

In 1998 I graduated from C.Q.U. with a Bachelor of Education (Music) and moved to Mackay to work as an instrumental music teacher (brass, woodwind and percussion). I currently work as a Music Teacher at Brighton Primary School.

Tom Goninon

Tom Goninon, Music Director for the Development Program

I have come to this position, not as a formally trained musician, but as a player who has some teaching skills and a desire to help others come to enjoy what it is to make music both as a soloist and as a member of a community band.

My passion for community music making commenced in the late 1970’s when I learnt to play a trumpet with my then, very young son. This lead to involvement in playing in Hobart Concert Brass and Devonport Brass Bands.

In 1983 I was involved in establishing the Kentish Community Band and its associated instrumental programme and then in 1987, the King Island Concert Band became another on my initiatives.

1990 saw me take up the role of Musical Director of the Wynyard Municipal Band, a position which I held for 8 years. During my time at Wynyard, I established a development program similar to the one now operating at Clarence. Of particular delight during my time at Wynyard was being recognized, by the community, for my work with the Band through being awarded on Australia Day 2002, the Wynyard/Waratah Citizen of the Year.

A move to Hobart, post retirement from the position of Principal of Burnie High School saw me join the Clarence City Band in 2003 taking up the position of Musical Director in 2004 and during the same year commencing the Clarence City Band Development program with which I have remained as co-ordinator/Director until the present.

Helping people of all ages make music is what motivates me. It is such a delight to see beginner instrumentalists make progress and come to love making music.